Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Walgreens Saves Money on Printer Ink, Even for Dell!

I'm sure many of you have had the same dilemma I've had for quite awhile now, you suddenly realize your printer ink is low, and if you're a Dell customer especially, the hassle begins. When I first got a Dell printer with my computer, I wasn't aware that ink was not available ANYwhere but from Dell's site. I found out soon enough as I cruised Walmart, Best Buy, etc., and saw that there was no Dell ink cartridges to be found. So for Dell customers like myself, ordering through Dell, paying 30 bucks or more per cartridge, then shipping and handling, not to mention waiting a couple of days for it arrive, is a real pain, but it was the only route to take if you were stuck with a Dell printer. Well a few months ago, I saw a commercial for Walgreens, advertising their new ink cartridge refill service. My first thought was "that's cool, but there's NO way this will include Dell." Last week I decided it was time to find out, as my ink was going out, and I did not have the urge to go throw 30 bucks Dell's way once again, so off to Walgreens it was. Surprisingly, when I asked the person in the photo center about refilling Dell cartridges, she responded with "some of them," so things looked a little brighter. She then took my cartridge, and came back and said it'd be about 10 minutes, wow, finally an alternative! Now I have a basic dell 720 ink jet printer, so I can't guarantee every Dell customer can be saved by Walgreens, but it's definitely worth a shot. They refilled my black cartridge for only 10 bucks, and will refill color ink cartridges for 15 bucks, and all done in about 10 minutes. So far so good with their service, the cartridge works fine, but I'll be back here to report on how long it lasted, being that Dell cartridges seem to go out in no time, I'm hoping Walgreens make them last longer. If the cartridge lasts a descent amount of time, Walgreens has won my service. It's faster, cheaper, and they even give you a sheet to show you how the cartridge tested and give you a tip sheet on making your cartridges last longer. Overall, very impressed with the service, and this should be something that every Dell customer especially, but even people who use other cartridges should give a try, as it's way cheaper than buying an entirely new cartridge every time, and certainly better than trying to deal with injecting ink and making a mess trying a "do it yourself" ink kit.

Here are the alternatives. A "do it yourself refill" kit even when bought online with a discount is $12.95. A refurbished compatible ( not OEM) cartridge is $18.99. Then there is the option of buying a new one from Dell for 30 bucks! I think I got the best deal by going to Walgreens for 10 bucks! Don't you agree?

Inktec Black Ink Refill Kit for use in Dell T0529

Inktec Black Ink Refill Kit for use in Dell T0529

Refurbished Alternative for Dell Black T0529 Inkjet Cartridge.

Refurbished Alternative for Dell Black T0529 Inkjet Cartridge.
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