Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Shopping for Printer Ink Cartridges Online

Shopping for printer ink cartridges online
So you’re ready to stock up on printer ink cartridge supplies?! You should be aware that some retailers have been exposed as charging three times more than their rivals for exactly the same brand of cartridge! Free delivery is often possible, but there can be all sorts of hidden costs. The best value retailer one month will not necessarily be the cheapest a month later. Bear in mind also that high-capacity (or XL) cartridges may be more expensive than standard capacity cartridges (in terms of the initial retail cost) but they churn out more prints in total, meaning they are typically cheaper in the long term.  
Generally browsing around for good value ink cartridges is simple, especially if you’re doing the job online. HP, Dell, Canon, Lexmark and Brother are all reputable manufacturers and you won’t go wrong with any of them. That said, certainly there are a few details you really ought to pay close attention to when making your choice:
  1. Look into purchasing ‘remanufactured’ cartridges. These used cartridges  are dismantled and the various component parts carefully assessed, including the drum, corona wire, roller and blades. Damaged parts or substandard units are swapped for a fully working replacement. The cartridge is well-cleaned before the ink and print heads are put in place; the ensemble is then pieced back together. Stocked in many local drug stores and online, re-manufactured inks cost less mainly due to the fact that only the ink is brand new. These cartridges are an environmentally friendly choice since practically all of the product parts are reusable. The majority of remanufactured cartridge suppliers are dependable and provide quality toner that is equal to or superior to OEM quality. This sort of cartridge can be remanufactured perhaps a dozen times.
  2. Expect to shell out more for colour inkjet cartridges. Okay, you’ve found a decent shopping outler, with good write-ups. Unfortunately you can still expect to pay roughly a third more for colour ink than you would for black ink; black ink cartridge contains one ink reservoir for one colour ink. By contrast, colour ink cartridges feature three separate reservoirs; one for blue, yellow and magenta. Why not opt to save cash, and ink, by investing in a printer that contains separate cartridges for each colour?
  3. Make significant savings by purchasing inkjet cartridges in bulk. Websites like Cheap Ink Store and eBay provide bargain discounted deals to people and organizations looking to spend more than a couple hundred bucks on ink at one time. A number of other discount ink cartridges stores and office supply houses sell ink cartridges at heavily discounted prices. Do your homework!
  4. Contrast printer manufacturer cartridges to their generic equivalent. You just need to be aware of what you’re leaving the store with (or having delivered to your doorstep, of course). Typically manufacturers’ cartridges use a different grade of ink quality, but it is mostly undetected to the naked eye of non ink-experts. The goal here is lower costs. If you choose to go ahead and purchase a brand name inkjet cartridge, Walmart, Staples or even Amazon may offer the most attractive bargains.
  5. Refilling ink cartridges isn’t a universally attractive choice. Sure, it can save you some cash, but not everybody has the time, ability or inclination to carry out this task personally. If you have the time to spend, and follow directions carefully, it’s a fairly straightforward job. A few discount drug stores and other retailers like Walgreens, do refills that make refilling on your own unnecessary.
When all is said and done, it’s generally cheaper to get photographs printed at a main street pharmacy or online retailer, than to print them en masse on the home printer. Online photo processors often ask for less than 20 cents for each 6 x 4-inch photograph they print for you – with further savings possible if you purchase pre-paid credits. However, remember there are also postage costs involved here.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cheap Ink Cartridge Store and Blog

I was just reading a post over on the Cheap Color Ink blog, about a new ink store and blog. Apparently, the cheap ink cartridge store blog is going to be the company blog and news update arm of a new store called The Cheap Ink Cartridge Store.

It's always good to have access to discount items online. It looks like this might become another good resource for saving money online, though it's hard to tell what kind of ink cartridge site this is going to be.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How do you Make Printer Ink Last Longer?

Of course everyone is looking for cheap ways to buy ink online or in a store, including getting your ink refilled at Walgreens ( as we wrote about before) or finding a reliable website with low ink prices.

But aren't there other ways to save money on ink cartridges? One way is making your printer ink last longer. Is it possible? I've never really heard much about this but I came across a blog called "phoneix printer repair" that has a short post on making your ink last longer.

Some tips include using draft quality for printing, printing in black and white instead of color when possible, and outsourcing your photo printing- since personal photo printers use a lot of ink to make high quality images.

I'm glad I've finally found online stores where I can buy cheap lexmark ink for my all in one printer, but I will also keep in mind other ways to reduce my ink use, so I can save even more money on printer ink in the long run.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More on Printer Cartridge Life and the Inaccuracy of Printers

I have come across yet another story on how Printer manufacturers may be ripping you off by telling you it is time to change your ink cartridge way too soon. Previously I read some stories on CNET via discount ink cartridges.

Today my email inbox had this story from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette at http://www.nwanews.com/adg/Business/248637/. Their business story includes:
"It's not your imagination: printers really do tell you to replace your ink cartridge long before they are out. Sometimes it is weeks ahead, sometimes months. We have experienced it with inkjet and laser printers. "

The story goes on to quote the PC World story that found that the "you are out of printer ink " messages can come on when your ink cartridges still have 8 to 45 percent of their ink remaining. They go on the mention the oft cited statistic that printer ink can cost $5000 per gallon. Yet, while replacements costs can really add up over time, it is not an expense that stands out to most businesses.

So ink manufacturers can take advantage of the fact that many businesses will need to keep buying ink for their printers in the normal course of business and that the expense is not out of the ordinary. Replacing the cartridges is an expected expense at regular intervals.

While this is true, a lot of people, especially in today's economy, cannot afford to be ripped off- no matter how much.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cheap Ink on Cyber Monday

Cheap Ink Tactics has a new blog post on Black Friday Ink Sales. This site makes a good point about all the Christmas sales going on and how you can save money on ink and other things that aren't exactly Christmas presents.

While everyone else is scooping up the flat screens, the video games, and new toys- take advantage by saving money on things like ink cartridges and office supplies.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Do Ink Jet Cartridges Dry Out?

I have seen a lot of speculation and disagreement over whether ink cartridges for inkjet printers dry out over time, if all all. Some people say they are manufactured and stored in a way that does not allow that to happen. Others say they will dry out if they sit unused for a long time. Usually this claim applied to when they sit unused but installed in the printer. I am not sure about drying or rotting in the package.

I never really though about this and now wonder if it is worth buying ink refill cartridges in bulk or multiple packs for savings.

Recently I had a newer printer that ran out of color ink very fast. I was surprised at how light the color ink was showing on the paper, considering how little I had used color printing. I figured and still think perhaps the ink nozzles were clogged or something else had worn on the printer components.

I will keep looking into this idea.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Another eBay ink find- Remanufactured Cheap ink

As I posted before, sometimes the best ink deals are from taking a chance on eBay or another online marketplace like Amazon or Overstock.

Recently I needed some new black ink for my Lexmark all in one printer. Generally Wal-Mart has the lowest prices on these. The black ink comes in 2 options, regular or light. I think even the light one is around $19.97 at most Wal- marts. It's around that or a little higher at Staples and other places.

I went ahead and looked for small lots of remanufactured ink cartridges, as I've had some success with these before. In my experience there are a few bad cartridges in the mix, but if you buy 5, 4 will probably work. look for a good return policy and getting a replacement sent out will be no problem. I guess the only issue is if it takes you a long time to use them all it would be too late for a refund.

What I am finding now is if I buy 5 refilled cartridges online, I can get them shipped for the same price as buying 2 at Walmart. I don't use much color ink but I do use a lot of black on the papers and labels I print.

I can save around $300 a year using remanufactured filled inks bought online in small lots or bulk.