Thursday, August 28, 2008

Do Ink Jet Cartridges Dry Out?

I have seen a lot of speculation and disagreement over whether ink cartridges for inkjet printers dry out over time, if all all. Some people say they are manufactured and stored in a way that does not allow that to happen. Others say they will dry out if they sit unused for a long time. Usually this claim applied to when they sit unused but installed in the printer. I am not sure about drying or rotting in the package.

I never really though about this and now wonder if it is worth buying ink refill cartridges in bulk or multiple packs for savings.

Recently I had a newer printer that ran out of color ink very fast. I was surprised at how light the color ink was showing on the paper, considering how little I had used color printing. I figured and still think perhaps the ink nozzles were clogged or something else had worn on the printer components.

I will keep looking into this idea.

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