Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More on Printer Cartridge Life and the Inaccuracy of Printers

I have come across yet another story on how Printer manufacturers may be ripping you off by telling you it is time to change your ink cartridge way too soon. Previously I read some stories on CNET via discount ink cartridges.

Today my email inbox had this story from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette at Their business story includes:
"It's not your imagination: printers really do tell you to replace your ink cartridge long before they are out. Sometimes it is weeks ahead, sometimes months. We have experienced it with inkjet and laser printers. "

The story goes on to quote the PC World story that found that the "you are out of printer ink " messages can come on when your ink cartridges still have 8 to 45 percent of their ink remaining. They go on the mention the oft cited statistic that printer ink can cost $5000 per gallon. Yet, while replacements costs can really add up over time, it is not an expense that stands out to most businesses.

So ink manufacturers can take advantage of the fact that many businesses will need to keep buying ink for their printers in the normal course of business and that the expense is not out of the ordinary. Replacing the cartridges is an expected expense at regular intervals.

While this is true, a lot of people, especially in today's economy, cannot afford to be ripped off- no matter how much.

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