Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How do you Make Printer Ink Last Longer?

Of course everyone is looking for cheap ways to buy ink online or in a store, including getting your ink refilled at Walgreens ( as we wrote about before) or finding a reliable website with low ink prices.

But aren't there other ways to save money on ink cartridges? One way is making your printer ink last longer. Is it possible? I've never really heard much about this but I came across a blog called "phoneix printer repair" that has a short post on making your ink last longer.

Some tips include using draft quality for printing, printing in black and white instead of color when possible, and outsourcing your photo printing- since personal photo printers use a lot of ink to make high quality images.

I'm glad I've finally found online stores where I can buy cheap lexmark ink for my all in one printer, but I will also keep in mind other ways to reduce my ink use, so I can save even more money on printer ink in the long run.

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